ZUP Water Boards

ZUP BoardStarling Marine is now the exclusive Coastal Dealer for the ZUP water board. ZUP is a radical new water sports company that has created a radically new all-in-one, built-for-any-skill personal water board.

This board can be used by the rider lying down, kneeling, sitting or standing, and nearly any combination of stances in between. ZUP can also be used with prowess and ease by a person of any skill level or age, from a first-time board rider to wake boarding pros, or a child, senior, or anyone in between.

Joy comes in the ease of use and the high fives you will receive for your display of skills on the water riding the new ZUP board. Feel free to contact us for more information about the ZUP or come by Starling Marine now to check out this amazing new water sports toy!