Parker 2320 SL Sport Cabin


  • LOA: 23′
  • Beam: 8′ 6″
  • Weight: 4,100 lbs
  • Draft: 15″
  • Deadrise: 21 degrees


  • Fuel: 137 Gallons

Engine Options

  • Yamaha F200
  • Yamaha F225
  • Yamaha F250

16 responses to “Parker 2320 SL Sport Cabin”

  1. L Ma

    I would like a price quote on a 23′ Parker. Thanks

  2. L Ma

    I would like a price quote on a Parker 2320 Sport Cabin. Thanks.

  3. Ben Moore

    Whats your lowest price for this boat with a bunk trailer and the Yamaha 250?


    1. glenn lindsey

      i would like a quote on a 2320 sl sport cabin 300 hp and a trailer



  5. mike strickland

    what your lowest price on boat and trailer without engine and ship to canada.

  6. Wesley W.

    i’d like a price quote on a 2320SL Sport Cabin with 225 yamaha with trailer (lowest price)?

  7. Andy

    What is a ballpark price for the 2320SL with a 225 yamaha ?
    What is your current finance rate if I did not want to pay cash ?

  8. William Leonardi

    I would like a price quote on a Parker 23 slsc with a 225 yamaha and trailer

  9. Cain Ernest

    Can I have a quote in a 23 pilot house in the new green color


  10. Ed Rhine

    We own a 26′ 2002 hydrasport with two 200hp Yamaha’s with about 200hrs and a 3 wheel HydraSport trailer. Boat has air,fridge, stero, Gps, radio & fisfinder. Also full head

    We are interested in a 2320 Parker with an appropriate HP motor – 200 250 or 300?

    Please provide me with a quote – I understand this is not a “hard” number. Just trying to find out if a new boat is in the relm of possibility.

    Ed Rhine

  11. Darrell

    Please provide a price quote for 23′ and 25′ pilothouse. I’m interested in boat rigged with second helm, underwater lights, and aluminum trailer.

  12. Chuck

    Same question as these guys above bottom line on 2320SL SC full transom platform/bracketed 250? Trailer too. Thanks!

  13. Ken larsen

    Hi looking for a quote on a 23′ pilot w a 300 Yamaha and bunk trailer thank u.

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