Parker 2320 SL Sport Cabin


  • LOA: 23′
  • Beam: 8′ 6″
  • Weight: 4100lb
  • Draft: 15″
  • Deadrise: 21 degrees


  • Fuel: 150 Gallons

Engine Options

  • Yamaha 200
  • Yamaha 225
  • Yamaha 250

14 responses to “Parker 2320 SL Sport Cabin”

  1. L Ma

    I would like a price quote on a 23′ Parker. Thanks

  2. L Ma

    I would like a price quote on a Parker 2320 Sport Cabin. Thanks.

  3. Ben Moore

    Whats your lowest price for this boat with a bunk trailer and the Yamaha 250?


    1. glenn lindsey

      i would like a quote on a 2320 sl sport cabin 300 hp and a trailer



  5. mike strickland

    what your lowest price on boat and trailer without engine and ship to canada.

  6. Wesley W.

    i’d like a price quote on a 2320SL Sport Cabin with 225 yamaha with trailer (lowest price)?

  7. Andy

    What is a ballpark price for the 2320SL with a 225 yamaha ?
    What is your current finance rate if I did not want to pay cash ?

  8. William Leonardi

    I would like a price quote on a Parker 23 slsc with a 225 yamaha and trailer

  9. Cain Ernest

    Can I have a quote in a 23 pilot house in the new green color


  10. Ed Rhine

    We own a 26′ 2002 hydrasport with two 200hp Yamaha’s with about 200hrs and a 3 wheel HydraSport trailer. Boat has air,fridge, stero, Gps, radio & fisfinder. Also full head

    We are interested in a 2320 Parker with an appropriate HP motor – 200 250 or 300?

    Please provide me with a quote – I understand this is not a “hard” number. Just trying to find out if a new boat is in the relm of possibility.

    Ed Rhine

  11. Darrell

    Please provide a price quote for 23′ and 25′ pilothouse. I’m interested in boat rigged with second helm, underwater lights, and aluminum trailer.

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