Raleigh Show

Raleigh Convention Center Boat Show

February 3 – 5, 2017

Boasted as the largest boat show in North Carolina, the Raleigh Convention Center Boat Show features over 150,000 square feet of boats including, freshwater, saltwater, fishing, pleasure, cruisers and more. We look forward to seeing you during the show and talking about your next boat!

On Display from Starling Marine:


Contender 24 Sport

Contender 25 Bay


Parker 1801

Parker 21SE

Parker 23SE

Parker 2300

Parker 2320 SC

Parker 2501


Pursuit DC235

Pursuit DC295


Regulator 23

Regulator 25

Regulator 28

Regulator 31


Sportsman Heritage 211

Sportsman Tournament 234

Sportsman Masters 267

Sportsman Open 232

Sportsman Open 312

Starling Marine’s display boats at the Raleigh Convention Center Boat Show will be proudly supported by attractive aluminum and galvanized trailers from Load-Rite and AmeraTrail. Ask our trailer experts about custom-fitted trailer solutions for your boat or even parts for an existing trailer!


Load Rite Trailers

Amera Trail Trailers

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