13 responses to “3rd Annual Starling Summer Celebration to Benefit the Heather Foster Family”

  1. Melody Tart

    I want to know the price of a XXL T-shirt for the foster family. Where I could send a money order I don’t have a credit/debit card.

  2. Elena Cazeault

    Holly, I’m traveling to pick up my older boys from camp in upstate ny. Is this where I register the boat for the event?
    Thanks, Elena

  3. lisa c

    I just purchased 2 “family 4 packs”. Will the tickets be mailed to me or do I just bring the receipt with us to get in. Thanks!

  4. Warren

    Thanks for giving us a great cause to support and a reason to go fishing on Saturday! What kind of fish are we after?

  5. Heather Sheehan

    interested in buying shirts, do you have children sizes? our triplets want one, do you have any at the shop on Eastwood?

  6. David Corry

    I live in Raleigh….would you please provide the link where I can order t-shirts on a credit card? It’s probably at the top of this page so I will look again….I’m SLOWWWWWW !Thanks …david

  7. David Corry

    I just found it and ordered….SORRY for the earlier question…i TOLD you I was SLOWWWWWW ! : ) Thanks …david

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