This is a nice e-mail we just received from a very happy Pioneer 175 Venture owner who just took delivery of his new boat.


Thank you again for your help and assistance with our new boat. You have always been great to work with in a friendly and professional way in meeting my boating needs. We “dunked” the boat on Saturday and spent about 4 hours in the water.  As you know, I have spent a lot of years with boats (all of which were in Grady White models), and I must say that this boat exceeded my expectations!

The boat really was everything you said and more as to the handling and ride for a boat this size (which is actually the smallest boat that I have owned).  We spent most of our time on the waterway and stopped for a short visit to Masonboro Island.  However, I did have to take it into the Ocean “just to see” how it would handle that, and took it out beyond the MB sea buoy with about 2/3 foot seas.  No doubt I will use it for my inshore fishing trips without any hesitation.

During all of this use, we did not have a drop of water inside the boat, so without doubt it is the driest boat I have ever owned.  I tested it with some rather large wakes from other boats in the waterway, and as “advertised”, the spray was directed behind us and not into the boat.  I feel that the F115 Yamaha power will more than serve my needs for how I will use the boat, and the engine, as you said, was indeed very quiet and “smoke free” which made Cathy very happy.
Again, thanks for your help and we are two very pleased and happy new Pioneer boat owners.

John and Cathy Davis