We are happy to announce that the Pursuit ST 310 has been named the 2012 Boat of the Year by Boating Magazine.

Boating’s Tech Team tested more than 60 boats during 2011. And we spent time aboard dozens more boats, enabling us to make the insightful comparisons in our tests that you’ve told us you value. Sifting through both the test boats themselves and where each lies in its respective category is key to our selection of Boat of the Year. The ST 310 clearly ranks as a leader in the burgeoning category of multipurpose boats, in which many builders now participate.

Additionally, the ST 310 proved capable and comfortable in rough seas, meaning that its owner can enjoy boating even when the flags are snapping. Its side-console layout offers a massive head compartment. Combined with deep seating forward, lounge seating aft, an expansive hardtop, and cockpit refrigerator and grill, it makes an ideal day cruiser. Yet anglers won’t feel shorted, since a livewell and rod and tackle stowage are all standard. All boaters benefit from the safety and easy cleaning of its self-bailing cockpit. Outboard power provides shoal draft for exploring coves, fishing the shallows or nosing up to a sandbar. The ST 310’s rigging and construction are as good as you will find in production powerboats. They say every boat is a compromise. We found little compromise aboard Pursuit’s ST 310, Boating’s Boat of the Year.

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